Comparing Take Home Trays vs. In Office Teeth Whitening

Posted by Osuna Dental Care Sep 08, 2022

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Both options offer a way to whiten teeth, but there are differences when selecting the best option. Take-home trays allow you to choose how white you would like your teeth to be and how often you would like to wear them. They are easy to use, allowing you to achieve results on your own time and schedule. However, sometimes with take-home trays, achieving the desired results can be challenging due to user error or improper techniques. 

In-Office teeth whitening can typically cause whitening in as little as one visit. It’s ideal if you want your teeth whiter immediately without the hassle of at-home trays. At Osuna Dental Care, the in-office procedure only takes about one hour and instantly brightens your smile with multiple shades. In contrast, if you’re using an at-home kit, the process involves applying the tooth-bleaching gel to the teeth and using custom-made trays to hold the gel in place over several days. This requires a significant amount of patience to gradually achieve a whiter smile that stays white over time.

Take-Home Trays

Take-home trays are a whitening treatment the dentist makes for you to wear over the teeth for a set period. They’re custom-made based on molds of your teeth, so they fit perfectly over your teeth and allow you to whiten them at home safely.

After your dentist gives you your teeth whitening kit to take home, it will contain three gel syringes filled with a whitening solution, plastic mold for making the mouthguard, and a storage case for the mouthpiece when you’re done with it. Your dentist will instruct you to make impressions of your teeth using the molds in the kit and then send them back to the dentist so they can make your custom-fitted trays. Once those come back from the lab, you’ll be instructed to put them in and use a unique solution for a certain amount each day until you see the desired results.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. It offers a fast, effective, and long-lasting way to improve your smile. Professional whitening is done in the dentist’s office and customized for each patient’s needs to achieve the best possible results. 

Teeth whitening trays are effective and convenient options for achieving a brighter smile. To learn more about teeth whitening, contact Osuna Dental Care at 5900 Cubero Dr NE suite B, Albuquerque, NM 87109, or call (505) 884-1989.

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