Dental Emergency Visit for Addressing Severe Pain

Posted by Osuna Dental Care Aug 12, 2022

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A dental emergency is a sudden injury or damage to a tooth or gums that requires immediate care by a dentist. While common emergencies include broken, cracked, or knocked out teeth, they also include soft tissue injuries such as lacerations from biting down on something hard and severe infections of the mouth and the rest of the body, such as abscesses. Many patients also experience severe tooth pain that may be caused by an infection or a cavity, such as a root canal infection. Some patients may even have fractured or broken fillings, unaware of them; this can be dangerous as the tooth without its filling could break further or become very sensitive and painful.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should seek immediate attention from our dentist at Osuna Dental Care. Getting treatment as soon as possible can save your teeth and prevent further damage to your mouth. 

The Importance of Immediate Treatment

An emergency dentist can successfully treat even serious emergencies such as a broken tooth or an avulsed tooth in our office. Still, delaying treatment even one day can worsen the situation and cause significant complications. This is because, with these types of injuries, the inner living tissues of the teeth are exposed and can become infected or irritated very quickly. Root canal therapy may be necessary to help restore the tooth to its full function and beauty.

If an infection occurs due to an untreated injury or broken tooth, it may be necessary to perform a tooth extraction. To save your tooth and avoid the need for these advanced treatments, you must visit your emergency dentist immediately to address any pain you are experiencing and treat the cause of your pain.

Dental Emergencies and Treatment Options

Broken or Knocked Out Teeth

If an adult tooth is knocked out, find the tooth and rinse it with water only. Do not scrub the tooth; this can damage its delicate surface. If possible, immediately replace the tooth in the socket and hold it in place with gauze or a washcloth. However, do not force the broken tooth back into the socket. Get to the dentist’s office right away. The faster you receive treatment, the better your chances of preserving your tooth. 

Toothache and Infection

Toothaches can stem from many causes, including tooth decay, gum disease, filling problems, or teeth grinding. If you are experiencing severe toothache pain, please get in touch with our office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. In the meantime, you can try rinsing your mouth with warm salt water and over-the-counter pain relievers. If you experience swelling, apply a cold compress to your face. If the toothache is persistent despite treatment, we may recommend an endodontic procedure called root canal therapy to remove the damaged pulp from your tooth and seal it from further harm. 

To learn more about how to address the pain you are experiencing, contact Osuna Dental Care at 5900 Cubero Dr NE suite B, Albuquerque, NM 87109, or call (505) 884-1989.

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