The Benefits of Regular General Dentist Visits

Posted by Osuna Dental Care Jul 27, 2022

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General dentistry includes basic dental care services like dental cleanings and exams. Here are the benefits offered by regular dental visits. 

Detecting Problems Early

At your regular general dentist visits, your dentist will check for any warning signs of issues that may develop into something serious over time. For example, if your teeth aren’t aligned properly, your bite may become uneven and affect your speech or jaw movement. These problems don’t necessarily seem bad at first, but once they progress, they can become uncomfortable and affect the way you live your life. Your regular checkups can help catch these sorts of problems early on, so you don’t need to experience them in the future.

Similarly, your dentist can also check for problems with your gums, such as gum disease, which can affect your oral health. Gum disease often causes bleeding gums, bad breath, and a receding gum line, all of which can be signs of a serious issue. If caught early, gum disease can be treated with effective measures like deep cleanings to stop the progression. Your dentist can recommend a treatment plan once they’ve found the issue with your gums.

Better Overall Health

Your general dentist can help spot the early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and even oral cancer. That means you can undergo treatment as soon as possible and avoid costly and uncomfortable procedures in the future. You will also learn proper oral hygiene practices to keep your teeth healthy and strong, so you can enjoy good dental health for years to come.

Prevent Gum Disease

You probably know that it’s important to brush your teeth twice daily and floss once a day, but how often should you visit the dentist? The American Dental Association recommends seeing your dentist at least once every six months for basic checkups and cleanings. These regular visits allow your general dentist to screen you for signs of gum disease and find problems before they get out of control.

Visiting a general dentist twice a year helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease by:

  • Removing plaque buildup that brushing and flossing can’t reach. Plaque is a sticky substance that harbors bacteria in between teeth and along the gum line. If not removed, this acid-producing film can eventually lead to cavities and gum disease.
  • Providing thorough teeth cleaning. In addition to removing plaque, your dentist will also polish your teeth to remove surface stains. This will remove minor discolorations and reduce the risk of future stains.
  • Assessing the health of your gums and supporting bone structure. Your dentist will perform a comprehensive exam of your head, neck, jaw, teeth, and gums to look for any signs of potential disease.
  • Advising you on at-home oral hygiene routines. Your dentist will also provide advice on what you can do between visits to maintain a healthy smile and prevent further problems. This may include a recommendation to increase your daily water intake or change your toothbrush every few months.

Increased Confidence

When your smile is healthy and free of tooth decay, you experience a feeling of confidence that can positively impact your personal and professional relationships. Patients often report a greater sense of self-esteem and self-worth following dental visits for routine cleanings and examinations. Plus, the improved appearance of your teeth can have a noticeable impact on your appearance, which can improve your feelings about your overall appearance. By simply scheduling your regular general dentist appointments, you can enjoy a range of health benefits that boost confidence over time.

Your regular dental visits provide important oral exams and cleanings. During these appointments, your dentist checks for signs of tooth decay as well as gum concerns like gum disease or gingivitis. These appointments also provide the opportunity for professional teeth cleaning to remove plaque buildup from difficult-to-access areas of your mouth. Regularly scheduled oral health checkups and cleanings are key to preventing common dental problems and improving your overall health and wellness.

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