Why Choose a Bridge Option to Replace Missing Teeth

Posted by Osuna Dental Care Sep 20, 2022

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A bridge is an artificial tooth or set of teeth that replaces one or more missing teeth. A dentist will craft the bridge with porcelain for a natural look, bonding it to the surrounding teeth for support. The bridge is held in place by crowns placed over the support teeth and cemented into place. The bridge allows patients to speak and usually eat once treatment is complete.

A bridge is a permanent restoration that will stay in place for many years when cared for properly. Patients should practice good oral hygiene habits, including brushing at least twice daily and flossing daily to avoid excess plaque buildup and decay around the bridge. Regular trips to the dentist are also recommended to ensure no issues with the restoration arise.

At Osuna Dental Care, once a bridge is in place, the patient can smile confidently and eat any foods they want without worry or concern for their restoration falling out. A bridge can also be paired with a dental implant to provide even more stability in the jawbone. This can be a good option for patients missing all their teeth on the upper jaw but still have healthy lower teeth that are healthy and strong. This can help preserve the facial structure and prevent bone loss.

The Procedure for Dental Bridges

The process of receiving a bridge generally takes two appointments to complete. During the initial appointment, the abutments will be prepared, and impressions will be taken for the dental lab to fabricate the bridge. At the second appointment, the temporary bridge will be replaced with the final one, and the bite will be adjusted as needed. 

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is an artificial tooth that fills the gap in your mouth where a tooth is missing. The bridge anchors onto surrounding teeth with a dental crown on either side, effectively “bridging” the gap where the tooth once was.

The materials used for the bridge will be carefully chosen to blend with your natural teeth in color and shape. Your dentist will also select the bridge’s size to ensure it blends into your smile.

When cared for properly, your dental bridge can last for many years with proper care. In addition, when you replace a lost tooth with a bridge, you help to prevent other teeth from shifting out of place and causing potential oral health problems down the road. This can help avoid the need for reconstructive dentistry treatments later on!

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental bridges are a trendy choice since they are permanent restorations that last for many years while restoring the health and function of the smile. To learn more about dental bridges, contact Osuna Dental Care at 5900 Cubero Dr NE suite B, Albuquerque, NM 87109, or call (505) 884-1989.

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